The Refresh Team

In addition to our amazing clients, Refresh’s success and character is due to our hard-working, awesome team of designers, developers, marketers, and problem solvers. Refresh owes everything to each and every one of these people. Unfortunately, they are so crazy awesome, that their names can not be disclosed. But I can assure you that Refresh would not be the same without these crazy skilled creative tech ninjas.

Why Web Design for ALL Businesses?

We are a company that focuses on helping all businesses build and grow their online presence by using modern and refreshing approaches to web and graphic design. Refresh was started because our passion not only involved using our creativity and experience to build websites and do graphic design but also involved helping people build their businesses using those skills…and being able to do it at an affordable cost to them.

Originating in Northeast Iowa made us realize how much strength and unity there is in a community, no matter big or small. If everyone on Earth focused on what they’re good at, then there would be no limit to what we all could accomplish together and there would be no barriers for success. Just as with any unfamiliar ground, something as powerful as the internet can be pretty scary and overwhelming to the unfamiliar. I love learning about the different businesses and ventures people pursue. It’s incredibly fascinating to see the wide variety of services and products out there that make up a community.

I would love to hear about your business venture and what you have going on! Please give me a call and tell me about it! My number is 319-535-0796. I look forward to chatting!

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Special Shout-Out

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Refresh has had some great opportunities to collaborate on projects with some fantastic companies such as TargetClick Marketing and Paxton Creative. Knowing how and when to work with other professionals is crucial for creating a great product.

TargetClick is one of the best in the business for extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While Paxton Creative I’m proud to say is a close colleague who always has the creative power turned on.

TargetClick Marketing
Paxton Creative